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September 02, 2018 3 min read

Evolution of Homes

Just as our minds are being taken over by technology, so are our homes! But worry not, this doesn’t mean the beginning of a robot apocalypse… yet. It just means our homes are becoming a hell of a lot more intelligent than our ancestors could’ve ever imagined. Things like voice recognition, video doorbell, facial recognition, smart thermostats, Smart Digital Keypad Door Lock and smart TVs are becoming a trend in our nation. This really has us stoked about a revolutionary near-future where beds could even make themselves.

Most home automation is associated with ‘the internet of things,’ which is a commonly used term for devices being directly linked to the internet. This means you can literally control things within your home using your Smartphone from anywhere. Missing out on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette? Just record it using a single button on your Smartphone. In the long run, you will find your homes to be far more comfortable, exhibiting efficient living and safer. If you’re not yet convinced, I will have you know that home automation helps mainly in saving energy, which ultimately helps you and the environment. How might you ask? These gadgets have sensors that can help reduce energy wastage by turning off an appliance as soon as it is no longer needed. We humans sometimes let the air conditioner run all night and shiver in the cold, but these gadgets can sense when it is too cold and will automatically turn off. Smart lighting even detects when there is enough lighting in the room or not. We may not realize it, but our clumsy energy-wasting habits have a significant impact on the environment, and these gadgets may help us avoid that. Are smart appliances getting smarter than us?

Smart home devices are the future, and they are inherently high in demand because of their safety attributes. Many may question the security that smart homes bring us. I can assure you that monitoring your home at the palm of your hand wherever you go will reduce the likelihood of robberies. Smart home security allows for this seeing that it links up your tablet or Smartphone to security devices. Hence, you can retrieve CCTV information and control your doors automatically.

A new and innovative home automation systems now include is video doorbell. This is quite literally a doorbell with an installed camera so you can view the caller. This uses Wi-Fi to connect the video to your phone and even allows for cloud storage. It comes with several other functions that make life easier for us. Could it get any simpler? It is known that home invasions are surprisingly a widespread crime and it is about time we step up to make our homes safer. This gadget begins by safeguarding the front entrance by allowing homeowners to identify the visitor and even talk to them. This eliminates the risk of break-ins or assault since you avoid contact with the potential bandit and can quickly alert the cops if you feel suspicious about the visitor. Furthermore, this video doorbell records everything so you can monitor the activity that happens in your front yard even when you’re not online. Let’s see a robber try and get past that!

Concluding my commentary, I do believe that smart homes are a revolution for the betterment of society. Our concerns about safety in our own homes or destroying the environment can be put to rest with these new innovations.  

Limon Ghosh
Limon Ghosh

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