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It stands to reason that the best way to avoid a clogged bathroom sink/faucet when you are shaving is to keep any of your trimmings from hitting the drain at all. Men have come up with a myriad of ways to accomplish this, some of which are MacGyver-like in their ingenuity.

When we first saw pictures of this Beard Apron product floating around the Internet, we thought it was a joke. But it turns out that these things are not only good at helping you to avoid a clogged drain pipe, but also at scoring brownie points with the missus by helping to keep the bathroom clean. Numerous, reasonably-priced options exist and can be delivered extremely quickly.

Rather go about keeping beard trimmings out of the drain without investing in that ensemble? A lot of guys simply place tissue paper or cardboard or something similar in the bottom of the sink while shaving so that they can simply discard it when they are done. Or, if you can find one to fit your bathroom sink, most hardware or home improvement stores carry some sort of mesh strainer that will fit over your drain and catch the bulk of the debris that would otherwise be washed down the pipe.

However, it is worth pointing out that although beard trimmer hair catcher is an effective strategy for avoiding a clogged bathroom sink, this will not be helpful in keeping the remnants of your shaving from getting onto the counter around your sink, and may still result in nagging from the wife. You will need to dedicate some time after shaving to wiping up all around the sink and any leftover hairs inside the sink to keep your bathroom sparkling and keep all of those trimmings from falling into your drain after the fact.


We highly recommend our beard apron to prevent clogged bathroom sink.

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Limon Ghosh
Limon Ghosh

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