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June 07, 2017 4 min read

Learn 8 Easy Fidget Spinner Tricks For Beginners to Professionals


According to Forbes - "studies have shown that physical movement can in many ways assist with cognitive activities such as doodling with thinking and writing things down with remembering." Therefore, fidgeting could actually help you think and express yourself.

A third possibility is that fidgeting serves as a ritual. Rituals can offer comforting predictability, familiarity, and structure that may be relatively absent in real life. Francesca Gino and Michael Norton described for Scientific American some of the benefits of rituals, including calming and focusing you. Repetitive motions such as squeezing a ball or tapping your pen can be comforting mini-rituals.


Watch the video below and learn some easy tricks -






We have accumulated 8 Easy Fidget Spinner Tricks Just For You - 


1. ‘The Convertible’

At the beginning of the above video — is the most basic move of fidget spinning. Simply spin the gadget with one hand like in the video, pinching it with only your thumb and middle finger. Once it gets a solid rotation, please lift your thumb up so that it remains spinning on only your middle finger. See the video.


You can perform this "Convertible" trick using one of our fidget hand spinners. Check this -  Rainbow Fidget Spinner



2. ‘The Change-Up’

This trick is same as “The Convertible,” except you never let your thumb up. The objective is to get the spinner turning between your thumb and middle finger before lightly tossing it to your other hand, clamping down with your middle finger and thumb the same way you just got it spinning. Keep throwing it back and forth between hands and try to keep the spinner moving. See the video.




3. ‘The Reverse Sonic’

To start, grab one of the three blades of the spinner with your thumb and index finger. Softly toss it into the air, catching it in the middle bearing with the same thumb and index finger you tossed it with. The intent is to keep it spinning without interruption. See the video.



4. ‘The Polarity Switch’

You have to have close attention for this trick. Get the spinner turning the same way you do for the above tricks — with your thumb and index finger. Once it’s got a good amount of speed on it, gently toss it — horizontally — into the air, trying to flip it. On its way down, try to catch it with your thumb and index finger, ensuring that it doesn’t stop spinning. See the video.


You can perform this "Polarity Switch" trick using on of our fidget hand spinner. Check this -  Rainbow Fidget Spinner



5. ‘The X-tetrad Leapfrog’

This one for more expert users. To start, perform “The Convertible,” but balance the spinner on top of your index finger instead of your middle finger. Once it’s got a solid speed to it, toss it into the air and catch it on its bearing with only your middle finger, making sure it doesn’t stop spinning. If you’ve got that part down, try to continue doing it with each of your other fingers. See the video.



6. ‘The Single Tap’

Start by performing “The Convertible” on your middle finger. Toss the spinner up into the air and flip your hand immediately, catching it on the back of your hand without stopping it. Then, toss it back up into the air using the backside of your hand and catch the bearing on your index or middle finger while it keeps spinning. See the video.



7. ‘The Double Tap’

This one sounds easy enough but can prove to be difficult. Simply perform “The Single Tap,” two times in a row. It gets difficult because the spinner starts to lose speed with the transfers from fingers to hand. See the video.



8. ‘The 9-Fingered Death Punch’

The name of this trick doesn’t do it justice. It’s one of the most difficult tricks and requires quite a steady hand. Perform “The X-tetard Leapfrog” from finger-to-finger until you reach your pinky. Once it sits on your pinky, toss it back and attempt to catch it with your index finger. Once you keep it spinning on your index finger, repeat “The X-tetard Leapfrog” again back to your pinky. See the video.

If you know other tricks please email us - and we will feature on our blog.


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