Roosty 2.0™ - Interactive Laser Fun Toy for Cats


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Domestic cats need outlets for their pent-up energy and territorial and hunting instincts. Cats that don't play enough become bored and frustrated. Such cats may then act out, destroying furniture and draperies, scratching people, and become anti-social. Cat toys can address this need, but most require a person to manipulate the toy to keep the cat's interest. Furthermore, many cat toys are easily destroyed with even a few weeks of use, and some contain small parts that can become dislodged and choke a cat. Occasionally, cat toys are found to be made with toxic substances that cats end up ingesting, causing health problems and even death.

The Roosty 2.0™ is a safe, durable, interactive laser toy resembling a rooster that cats find fun and engaging. It has a calling switch, which will create a distinct sound to call any cats in earshot. When a cat touches the toy, a sensor is activated, which signals it to emit a laser, swing its head, and make chicken-like sounds. When the cat hits it on the head, the rooster's head will turn back and forth, and the toy will roll forward automatically, imitating a cat's natural prey. The Roosty 2.0™ will engross cats in play with or without human involvement, making it perfect for situations when people don't have the time or can't be around to play with their cats.


SUMMONS – With the flip of a switch, the Roosty 2.0™ makes a special sound that cats can find irresistible, calling them to the toy. This makes it easy to get your cat's attention even if you don't know where they may be at the moment.

INTERACTIVE – When a cat touches the Roosty 2.0™, the toy swings back and forth, mimics the sound of a chicken, and emits a laser. These actions keep the cat occupied having fun with the toy.

MOVEMENT – When a cat couches the electric drive located on the head, the Roosty 2.0™ moves around the floor. The cat will instinctively respond by chasing it and pouncing, but the self-weighted balance system will keep the toy upright for continued fun.

RECHARGEABLE – A built-in rechargeable battery can be recharged with a USB cable (included). After a two-hour charge, the Roosty 2.0™ will last five to six hours.

DURABLE – The Roosty 2.0™ is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic ABS material. This makes the toy safe, sturdy, and able to be used outdoors.

We understand that cats need stimulation, or they may act out and destroy stuff in your home. Many cat toys are unsafe, contain toxic materials, and wear out quickly. Furthermore, many cat owners cannot play with their cats because they are often away from home, have physical impediments or disabilities, or are afraid of getting scratched. Feline experts say that kittens need to be socialized within their first seven weeks of life, and active play with objects is an integral part of that process.

Thankfully, the Roosty 2.0™ is an interactive, pro-social toy for cats and kittens. Movement, sound, and a laser keep cats engaged in fun play for hours. This well-built rechargeable toy is safe and fun for all house cats. Having a well-adjusted, happy, engaged cat will bring joy to you and any others in your household.