iBubbleG 2.0™ - Automatic Bubble Blowing Toy


Blowing bubbles with your breath is underwhelming. It's fun for a few minutes, but the bubbles are inconsistent, often pop right away, and it's challenging to have more than a few bubbles in the air at one time. Keeping children interested for more than a short time is almost impossible. When it comes to blowing bubbles, kids these days have shorter attention spans and higher expectations. And, especially for people with breathing issues, creating the force to blow bubbles can be challenging. Finally, the old-fashioned ring manual bubble blowers dipped in plastic soap bottles create a choking hazard and a spilling hazard around babies, small children, and pets.

Introducing the iBubbleG 2.0™, an automatic bubble blowing toy that gives fantastic results. With 64 holes, it can blow thousands of colorful bubbles a minute. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it's easy to use, and children of all ages are able to create impressive bubble displays. Made of non-toxic ABS plastic and sealed against leakage, the iBubbleG 2.0™ is safe around small children and pets. This bubble-blowing toy is good for hours of outdoor fun for children and children-at-heart. Even adults will feel the joy and childhood wonder of a bubble-blowing adventure.


MULTI-HOLE BUBBLE ACTION – A battery-powered fan in the iBubbleG 2.0™ pushes a mixture of water and dish soap through an array of 64 holes, propelling thousands of multi-colored bubbles into the air. This impressive quantity of bubbles will wow children and adults alike.

AUTOMATIC – Simply pull the trigger on the iBubbleG 2.0™, and a fan powered by rechargeable batteries does the work. This makes bubble-making easy for everyone!

PORTABLE – Carry the toy by the shoulder strap or handle. The lightweight (650g.) iBubbleG 2.0™ is easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

GIFT IDEA – The iBubbleG 2.0™ makes a perfect present for a child or a whole family. It's a gift of timeless fun that you know people will enjoy for years to come.

PARTIES – The iBubbleG 2.0™ is a toy AND an entertainment device. Take it to outdoor parties, BBQs, and celebrations to enliven the event and create a more memorable occasion.

We understand that keeping children (and even adults!) entertained can be challenging. Traditional wand & soap bottle bubble makers lack wow-factor and seem mundane in these days where technology augments almost every device. Sometimes, just getting children to leave the house to go outside can be tough. In the United States, the average child only spends four to seven minutes a day playing outdoors and over seven hours a day in front of a screen.

Thankfully, the iBubbleG 2.0™ will make children WANT to go outside for hours of bubble-making fun. Bubbles are created en-masse through a 64-hole bubble plate. The fan works to blow the bubbles, and if a child gets overheated after playing on a hot day, the fan can instead be used to blow air instead of bubbles. Create memories and inspire your children, other family members, and guests to a rip-roaring, fun time with the iBubbleG 2.0™!