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Do you know according to Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014–15 National Health Survey show about 3.7 million Australians (16% of the population) have back problems?


This is really great for posture for tension in the base of the neck and the upper back. You have to squeeze the shoulder blades down and back and think about your elbows going into your back pockets. You should do this 10 times 10 repetitions and hold for five seconds. This is such a great exercise for tension in the shoulders in the upper back. One tip about this exercise is not to shrug the shoulders and hold them up.


It's a stretch while lying on the back. Hold your knee and gently pull it up towards your chest. It's important to focus on drawing in the stomach trying to keep the small of the back flat on the table or on the ground. You don't want to feel any sharp pain in the back or in the legs while doing this maneuver but it's a real nice stretch of the hips in the low back area. Do this 10 repetitions holding for five seconds and keeping the off leg bent or flexed helps to keep some of the stresses down in the low back while performing this stretching exercise. We just want a gentle stretch in the gluteal area and in the low back.


While you're on your hands and knees in a crawl position raise up your back and arch it to the ceiling. Next, return to a lowered position and arch your back in the opposite direction as you're going up into the camel position. You want to think about drawing in the abdominal the stomach muscles slightly pulling in the belly button. You want to repeat this for a total of 10 times and hold each position for five seconds. This is a great stretch to work on a pelvic range of motion and mobility stretching out the entire spine. Doing this cat and camel you want to feel a nice gentle stretch in your back never any sharp pains in the back.


During the lower trunk rotations, you want to lie on your back with your knees bent and gently rock the knees side to side to the left and to the right. You don't want to be experiencing any sharp pain in the back of the legs. You want to feel a gentle stretch in the low back. You want to be doing this ten times each side holding for three to five seconds. During this exercise, you want to focus on keeping the shoulders down on the table or on the ground and not raising them up. Try to keep the upper back flat on the table while you're performing the stretch. This is a great stretch to restore spinal mobility and to strengthen the stomach muscles and the flank muscles. Repeating ten times each side and holding for three to five seconds on each position.


While lining on your back tighten the lower abdominal stomach muscles and squeeze the buttocks and then slowly raise the buttocks off the floor. This should be pain free and you want to hold the position for five seconds and then slowly lower the back back down to the table or to the floor. This is a really good way of tightening up the ab and gaining strength to stabilize the lumbar spine.


Another good exercise is called standing extensions. While standing with the hands on the hips leaning the back gently to arch the back holding for two three four or five seconds and repeating ten times. There should be no sharp pain in the back or in down the legs. The goal is a nice comfortable range of motion stretching out the stomach muscles opening up the hips. For all of these exercise the goal should be normal breathing. Disclaimer is that you should avoid a feeling of sharp pain in the back or down the legs.


This is a quadruped alternate arm and leg sometimes known as a Superman pose. In the crawling position you slowly draw your leg and opposite arm upwards the arm and leg should be straight and fully outstretched. Held for a count of five this is a great strengthening exercise for core stability. While you're doing this you want to think about drawing in the stomach keeping the small of the back flat as possible and horizontal as possible.

These are a wonderful exercise for core strength. you may get sore after doing them once or twice which means they're working. Give it a month or two months - maybe to work through the soreness and build up strength and they definitely pay off & you’ll see the difference in you.



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What our customers think

Walter Nguyen


No pain, no gain. Let me explain. Yes, this product works! Take your time with it. If you cannot hit all three levels the first few times times, that is ok. It really depends on your back issues. When we’re not use to Stretching it will cause some discomfort. No worries, as so does physical therapy. But as we stretch on this backboard it helps Immensely with Decompression. Which helps reduce Inflammation, the main cause of pain. When inflammation goes away body parts heal as they should. This is not a cure all for something that may need back surgery, but certainly can aide in taking away some of the pain. With my experince after using it, I rolled out of bed the next morning, without a stiff back!
Do this before you go to bed and again take your time with the levels and make sure you relax and breathe as you are doing it, try not to tense your muscles while doing so. Thats why i say if you cannot do all three levels at first, no worries, work your way up at your own pace.

Fred Sims

Physical teacher

Literally after 5 minutes of using this my back pain was gone. Recommended for other cubicle dwellers like me who sit on their rears all day and have lower back issues. Doubtful this is something to use for serious issues, but for the stiffness of sedentary office working that starts to pull at my back this is a godsend.

Emma Greer


I’ve been having back pain for years, this is really helping. When I first received this product, I thought it will be really stiff and not gonna be that comfortable. But I was wrong, the soft cushion in the center made me feel like I’m laying on bed with the back support. The only thing that went a little tough on me was putting it in its position. But I had my husband to fix that for me which took him less than 5 second to do. I guess if you are a small lady like me, you can probably get over with put it on the first position (the most flat one, which I found to be most comfortable and common). If not, find a guy to do it for you for the second and third position if you ever need to do it. Lol...