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DogZ 360™ Amazing Dual Retractable Dog Walking Leash - FAQs

1. What is the weight limit?

16.5 lbs for single head, no more than 33 lbs for double heads

2. How long is each leash?

At least 9 foot or 3 meter

3. Does the leashes laces roll all the way in and out or they stay with a fraction outside?

They go in and out and they do stay just a little out exactly like the photo. About 1/2 inch leash then the metal clip. It doesn't retract all the way inside the plastic device. If you wanted it to stay out further you could use the locking mechanism

4. Is it suitable for shepherd and dachshund dogs?

For small breeds

5. Are these leashes reflective?

the pet harness rope is equipped with two orange and green 3M reflective belts so that you can see your dog at night. The anti-entanglement design also provides you with more safety.