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eLumbeX 2.1™ - Electric Lumbar Traction Device - FAQs

1. Can you it be used without heat?

If you don’t need the heating assist function, you don’t need to turn it on.

2. Where can I use the devices?

  • Anywhere with with a supportive flat surface.
    - Floor
    - Sturdy Bed
    - Carpet Area
    - Sofa

3. Is there a size and weight limit?

The eLumbeX 2.1™ was developed to suit the majority of body sizes. Maximum weight limit 140 kg/315 lb

4. Which setting is best?

The base has two benefits:

  • Hard material ABS material, can be placed on a soft sofa, as the support of the airbag
  • There are two sides, one side A and side B. When the traction lumbar is placed on different panels, the height difference is about 2CM. The higher the height, the stronger the traction force.

5. Does this help with Sciatica Pain and the healing process?

This is mainly to relieve lumbar herniation, soreness, sciatica may also be caused by lumbar soreness, long-term use can relieve sciatica.