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How to Relieve Stiff Neck/Shoulder Pain
Introducing - EPulse™ Pain Relief Massager

Do you Know the chance that you will have neck pain at some point over your lifetime is nearly 50%? It tends to peak in middle age, and has a higher incidence in females than males.

What is Stiff/Spasm Neck?

A Stiff Spasm Neck/wry-neck/contracted-neck is a muscle spasm splinting contracture shortening of the muscle. The muscles get tight, hard, and painful.

What are the causes of Neck Spasms?

Neck spasms have a couple of common explanations:

✅ Repeated or prolonged movements of the neck.
✅ Holding browsing mobile phone for long time.
✅ Sitting at a computer for extended durations
✅ Turning all of the sudden whilst dozing
✅ Placing an excessive amount of weight on one shoulder 
✅ Carrying whatever heavy, particularly if with one arm
✅ Using a cell with out hands, cradling it against the neck
✅ Emotional stress
✅ Pressure triggered by activity
✅ Bad posture
✅ Dehydration

How to Relieve Stiff Neck & Shoulder Pain?

It's the same treatment used for sprains and strains in other parts of the body. You'll probably be advised to apply ice several times a day for a period of up to two to three weeks. While it's healing you may even be given some exercises or stretches to do to keep the muscles loose to keep them from a sort of spasming up and causing worse pain. The good news is that with a neck strain and muscle spasm time is almost always the cure. These things do tend to get better if you just take a conservative approach. Another important thing that you might use is ibuprofen or Tylenol often we go with the anti-inflammatory class of medications and you may have other members that class such as naproxen for example which is what's in Naprosyn that would decrease inflammation in the muscles and help you heal to get the pain out of the way faster.

So remember if you have pain in your neck, first of all, make sure you know what it is and make sure that you're aware it's nothing that could compromise or damage the nerves.

Second of all treatment is conservative using anti-inflammatory medications cool compresses stretches and exercises and most importantly time and patience talking about treating a neck sprain.

EPulse™ Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager


  • Massager: With ergonomic U-design. The use of low-frequency electrical pulse, magnetic effect, loop traction three-synchronous treatments to form high-performance composite energy field. Latest portable electronic snap-on neck massaging device for wellness and well being as well as prevention of cervical neck pain, headache, shoulder pain.
  • Ergonomics: The massager adopted U shape, is in accordance with the streamline and ring-type design of human neck cervical. What’s more, the neck strap can be adjusted to 160°, you can adjust it freely.6 modes transferable and 10 kinds of intensity adjustable. You can choose any mode or intensity according to your need.
  • Electric pulse massage: To promote blood circulation, relax the local muscles, electrode pads designed to achieve double massage effect, relax massage mode, cupping mode, scraping mode, hammer tapping mode, acupuncture mode, massage mode.
  • Magnetic effect: The built-in magnetic can massage human acupoint, which can balance the nervous system, improve the oxygen supply, microcycle and the nutrition status of the tissue cells.
  • Electrode patch: It combines a variety of massage techniques in traditional Chinese medicine, promoting blood circulation, massage coverage more widely. The massager can be used on the neck, back, leg, and waist, etc, applicable for the whole body.

With a human body cervical curvature design, adopts low-frequency electric and magnetic and circular traction trinity synchronous multi-channels, this neck massager is massaged to form an efficient composite energy field which directly reaches the collective deep tissue and bone marrow.

Throughout the massage process, the correct physiological posture is always maintained, providing a scientific platform for the correct massage of the cervical spine, which will be offering you efficient and enjoyable massaged system, so that you can enjoy the release time at home, office or travel.

What our customers think

TK Diaz


This thing really helped me a lot! I live in LA so the traffics are crazy and I always wearing this when I drive and it helps Relax my muscles and I just love it so so so much!!! And it can charge from my car, I can’t imagine what will happen if I lose it!

Fred Sims

Physical teacher

I would recommend this massager for its ease of use in being lightweight with easy-to-use buttons on both the device and remote. I think it would be most useful in conjunction with other modalities, such as stretch, ice/heat, manual massage and/or massage with another device, pain relievers, etc. And the cat now finds a spot to sleep around me vs. my making room for her!

Mallery king


I ABSOLUTELY love this product!! I've used it everyday since I got it and it has truly given me so much relief! I always have a tight neck after work and this has helped to reduce the burning pain. Its lightweight and sleek! Easy to control settings! It works with a tens unit and can be heated or used without heat! I highly recommend!

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