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AquaBlaster 4000™, an Electric Continuous Firing Water Gun

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"I've found my new favorite summer toy!! I forgot what it was like to dominate water battles with continuous fire!!! I use this with my two lively children, and they're having a blast with it! I was worried about the large capacity but it's perfect for continuous firing and the electric function is simply amazing!! My kids don’t have to pause for refills anymore. This was the most pleasant water fight we've had...ever. Still hoping it doesn’t run out of battery too soon or break. I will update if so."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - John Thompson

✅ Verified Buyer

According to research, 59% of kids get frustrated with traditional water guns because of constant refills and limited firing range. Excited kids would often lose interest & move on to other games. This could result in them getting left out of the fun which is inconvenient during their summer breaks.

Introducing AquaBlaster 4000™, an Electric Continuous Firing Water Gun that utilizes a modern high capacity backpack-style reservoir that gives the perfect balance between firepower & freedom! AquaBlaster 4000™ comes with a charging cable and a screwdriver for easy assembly. With AquaBlaster 4000™ now your kids can enjoy their water battles while still having full control and confidence.


ELECTRIC CONTINUOUS FIRING: Say goodbye to constant refills and hello to continuous water blasting. Enjoy extended playtime with its large 4000ml capacity.

BACKPACK RESERVOIR: The water gun is connected to a large-capacity backpack reservoir, allowing for an extended play time without refills.

DEVELOPS HAND-EYE COORDINATION & OTHER SKILLS: Playing with the AquaBlaster 4000™ aids in your child's visual, intellectual development, hands-on and brainpower, grasping, sensory, and hand-eye coordination. It's a fun way to engage in interactive, parent-child play.

EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN: Comes with a charging cable for the electric water gun and a screwdriver for easy assembly and maintenance.


✔️ Fill the backpack with water. ✔️ Connect the backpack to the water gun. ✔️ Switch on the electric water gun and enjoy endless water blasting!

We understand how frustrating traditional water guns can be with their limited capacity and range. It's already a challenge to keep kids engaged outdoors, and limited playtime can add to the frustration. Thankfully with the AquaBlaster 4000™, it is now possible to enjoy a much longer playtime free from constant refills. AquaBlaster 4000™ offers the ultimate continuous firing experience, allowing your kids to enjoy a safe and fun water battle. Not only does the AquaBlaster 4000™ improve the quality of your water battles but also helps your kids have a much more enjoyable experience and have fun!


Material: Plastic/Plastic, Electronic Components

Color: Red Power Supply for Water Gun

Size: Fit for kids and adults Length of Hose: Flexible


1 x Electric Continuous Firing Water Gun 1 x Backpack 1 x Charging Cable 1 x Screwdriver

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