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BlueFin™ - Cubic-Embellished Blue Mermaid Tail Cuff Rings

"The BlueFin™ Mermaid Tail Ring is absolutely breathtaking. The attention to detail is impeccable, and I love that it's adjustable to fit my finger perfectly. It's my go-to accessory for special occasions!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - L. Smith
✅ Verified Buyer

While many rings offer style, they often lack the personal touch and unique craftsmanship that set them apart. If you're on a quest for a ring that embodies the whimsical charm of the ocean and modern fashion, your search ends here.

Introducing BlueFin™, our Cubic-Embellished Blue Mermaid Tail Cuff Rings designed specifically for women. Featuring exquisite craftsmanship and adjustable sizing, these rings are not just a fashion statement but a celebration of individuality.

Reasons Why Our BlueFin™ Mermaid Tail Rings Will Transform Your Style

Exquisite Craftsmanship – Meticulously crafted, embodying stylish and beautiful design elements.
Adjustable Size – The inner ring is adjustable, making it suitable for different hand shapes.
Skin-Friendly – Carefully polished to be friendly to the skin.
Unique Style – Incorporates Japanese and Korean fashion elements, setting you apart from the crowd.


  • Weight: 1.6g
  • Color: White Gold
  • Accessories: Zircon, Epoxy
  • Style: Women's, Japanese and Korean fashion style
  • Size: Inner diameter 17mm (size adjustable)

Package Content

1 x BlueFin™ - Cubic-Embellished Blue Mermaid Tail Cuff Rings

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