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DogZ 360™ - Dual Retractable Dog Walking Leash (3m | 9ft)


I have a free hand now!! I forgot what it was like to swing my arm when I walked!!! I use this with my two 75lb pit bulls and they’re doing just awesome on it! I was worried about the weight limit but it’s the perfect length and the swivel part is Marvelous!! My dogs don’t get tangled up anymore. This was the most pleasant walk I’ve had with them...ever. Still hoping it doesn’t break soon or snap. I will update if so. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Danielle Brown
✅  Verified Buyer

According to research, 59% of dogs suffer injury to their necks and backs by being tangled up with traditional leashes. Excited dogs would run away & run around in a circle pulling on a leash of another dog or person who's trying to control them. This could result in them getting caught between typical leashes which is inconvenient for walking and controlling the dog.

Introducing DogZ 360™, a Retractable Double-Headed leash that utilizes a modern 360° Tangle-Free mechanism that gives a perfect balance between freedom & control! DogZ 360™ comes with an attachable holder which can be used as a pet waste bag dispenser and a built-in LED flashlight which makes it easier to walk in the dark. With the DogZ 360™ now one can enjoy the day-to-day activities with their pets while still having full control and confidence.


  NIGHT REFLECTIVE TAPE: High-strength reflective nylon webbing, easy to find dogs at night, strong wear resistance to prevent the rope from breaking. Extendable traction rope extends up to 9 feet which gives the dogs more freedom to wander, sniff and poke around.

  BRAKE BUTTON & LOCK SAFETY SYSTEM: DogZ 360™ is designed with a dual brake system that lets you control each side individually and move them separately. This unique design is perfect for dogs who pull, run ahead or drift to the side.

  EXPERIENCE TANGLE FREE BLISS - DogZ 360™ has a unique buckle, which can be rotated 360°, even if the two dogs move in different directions, it will not disturb the two dogs. 360° rotation allows one to walk two dogs at the same time while maintaining individual control of each one.

  WASTE BAG DISPENSER & LED LIGHT: Creatively combine the waste bag dispenser with a mini flashlight to release from hands, let a dog owner enjoy walking with the dog. LED lights make walking dogs more convenient at night while improving the safety of walking at night.


✔️ 4 buttons with 2 different colors on the grip, ORANGE button controls the ORANGE leash while GREEN button control GREEN leash

✔️ PRESS the front bigger button to lock the release of the corresponding leash and PRESS the small button to unlock

We understand how frustrating it can be to walk two dogs and want to walk them together without getting tangled up in a leash. It's already a struggle to take our pets who are excited to go outdoors, and no control over the leash can add to the anxiety. A recent study has revealed that 31% of dog owners do not take their dogs for walks each week due to difficulties with their dog's recurring tangled leashes

Thankfully with the DogZ 360™, it is now possible to enjoy a much longer walk free from entanglements. DogZ 360™ offers the ultimate 360° degree rotation technology which allows the dogs to enjoy a safe and fun experience without being tangled. Ultimately having DogZ 360™ will not only improve the quality of your walks but also help your pet enjoy a much more enjoyable experience and have fun!


Material: ABS + Nylon

Color: Blue, Red

Pets: Cat, Dog (Small & Medium)

Power Supply for LED Light: 1 x AAA Battery (Not Included)

Size: Approx. 20 x 18 x 4cm/7.9 x 7.1 x 1.6in

Length of Rope: Approx. 300cm/118in


1 x Dog Retractable Leashes (Not included: Batteries and Garbage Bags)

1 x Trash Box

1 x Led Light

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