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eSkipper 2.1™ - Cordless Electronic Skipping Rope


Inadequate amounts of exercise increase the likelihood of injury,high blood pressure,heart disease, metabolic syndrome, andweight gain. People who are overweight carry an even higher risk of diabetes, certain cancers,anxiety, and depression. Many exercise regimens are inadequate as they only affect a limited number of muscle groups or are not vigorous enough to strengthen the cardiovascular system. It can also be difficult to squeeze an exercise routine into abusy lifestyle, and many cannot afford the financialcost of gym memberships or exercise classes. 

Introducing the eSkipper 2.1™ Cordless Electronic Skipping Rope, a compact exercise device that tracks your workout progress to maximize results. By monitoring the equivalent distance run, calories burned, and rotations of the rope on a digital display, you can easily build a routine to meet your weight loss and fitness goals. Heavy blocks inside the ergonomic and non-slip handles help burn more calories and build more muscle. The tangle-free fast-rotation cord makes jumping rope easier than ever, or you can go cordless in tight areas or if you don't feel coordinated enough to jump over the rope when it passes beneath your feet. Lose weight, build stronger bones, improve coordination, lower your risk of injury, and improve your heart health and quality of life with the eSkipper 2.1™

REASONS WHY OUR eSkipper 2.1™ Cordless Electronic Skipping Rope WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

  DIGITAL – The eSkipper 2.1™ has an HD LED digital readout built into one of the handles, giving you the ability to see your results and progress. With this information, you can track the number of times jumped, calories burned, and the equivalent km/miles jogged. 

  CORD – It is easy to adjust the length of rope, so it can be used by men, women, and children of all ages, heights, body shapes, and jump rope styles. The tangle-free rope is weighted, making coordinating jumps easier for beginners and offering more resistance for experienced jump ropers.

  CORD-FREE OPTION – With the eSkipper 2.1™, you have the option of swapping the long rope for jumping over with two short, weighted ropes. This is ideal for use in tight spaces or for people who have difficulty jumping over the rope.

  HANDLES – The non-slip grips make the eSkipper 2.1™ easy to hold onto, even during intense workouts. The ergonomic design of the handles won't stress your hands, even during long jump rope sessions.

  WEIGHTED – The additional weight inside the handles of the eSkipper 2.1™ helps increase exercise intensity, build muscle, and burn more calories. Thus fitness goals are achieved much faster than with other jump ropes. 

We understand the many obstacles we may face in getting enough exercise and the consequences of inadequate fitness habits. Gyms, fitness classes, and home exercise equipment can be
expensive, and many routines areineffective in benefiting the whole body. A lack of physical activity increases the chances ofweight gain and the incidence of many seriousdiseases. According to the World Health Organization, people who are "insufficiently active" have a20-30% higher risk of death than those who are "sufficiently active." 

Thankfully, the eSkipper 2.1™ Cordless Electronic Skipping Rope offers a portable, highly-effective, whole-body workout at a reasonable price. The LED display tracks the number of times jumped, distance jogged, and calories burned. It comes with a weighted adjustable cord and has a cordless option for use in tight spaces or for those who have difficulty jumping rope. The weighted, non-slip, ergonomic handles make jumping rope more fluid while simultaneously optimizing calorie burn. Find renewal and enjoyment in life's many gifts and opportunities that come witha fitter, slimmer, more vibrant you.