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JoggarsX 2.0™ - Hands Free Leash for Dogs


"I have had this for quite some time and it’s a great product. My red nose pit is 100+ lbs and is a very strong puller. We walk 2-3 times a week and the belt attachment makes walking him so much easier. My hands are free and my arms are relaxed (this is really helpful for when we go hiking). When he sees another dog and starts pulling, I am able to use my core weight to keep him from dragging me off. The belt saves your arms and shoulders from that pain."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - J. Black
✅  Verified Buyer

Traditional dog leashes require at least one hand to control, but dogs can injure the hand, wrist, or shoulder if they pull hard enough or make sudden motions. Traditional dog leashes also make walking, jogging, or running more difficult by prohibiting the natural motion of the arm while simultaneously throwing off one's equilibrium. The result of these drawbacks is that walking a dog can quickly become more of a struggle than a pleasure.

Introducing JoggarsX 2.0™, a hands-free dog leash that utilizes a modern shock-absorbing mechanism that is ideal for walking, hiking, or running with your dog. JoggarsX 2.0™ comes with a waist bag that can hold mobile, two sidebars can be used for keeping keys and carrying equipment without feeling restrained by the dog's movements. With the JoggarsX 2.0™ now one can enjoy day-to-day running, walking, or hiking with their pets while still having full control & confidence.


✅  HANDS-FREE – Rather than holding onto it with the user's hands, the JoggarsX 2.0™ dog leash attaches to their waist. This allows full use of both hands to carry a drink, talk on the phone, and generally feel the freedom of walking, jogging, or hiking without having to hold onto something.

✅  SHOCK-ABSORBING – The superior shock-absorbing bungee spring design reduces strain and absorbs the sudden movement of dogs. This makes the JoggarsX 2.0™ leash safer and, combined with the padded neoprene handles, much easier and more comfortable to use than a traditional leash.

✅  DETACHABLE – The leash on the JoggarsX 2.0™ can be easily detached from the waist belt for those times when you need more control of your dog. This feature can be especially important when crossing the street, passing by other animals, or training your dog.

✅  STORAGEWaterproof compartments on the belt are designed to hold essential items such as a cell phone, bank cards, energy bars, a water bottle, and dog waste bags. Thus, you won't have to stuff your pockets or carry a backpack or when walking your dog with the JoggarsX 2.0™.

✅  STRONG – The durable and tear-proof nylon material, cross-stitching, zinc alloy swivel bolts/hooks make it solid and tough. These features make the JoggarsX 2.0™ able to handle large dogs and also last longer. The collar handle is for more direct control over the dog.

We understand that running or jogging with dogs with a traditional leash can be challenging, more likely to result in injury, and feel overwhelming. It's also difficult to push a stroller, jog, swing arms in a natural rhythm while running, and do other things using a traditional leash. In a typical year, over 50,000 people are injured such as sprained wrists, fractures, or shoulder dislocation when dogs pull too hard on their leash while walking their dogs.

Thankfully with the JoggarsX 2.0™, it is now possible to enjoy a much longer run without losing the balance. JoggarsX 2.0™ offers hands-free shock absorption technology which allows the dogs to enjoy a safe and fun experience without being pulled down by their collar or leash. Ultimately having JoggarsX 2.0™, will not only improve the quality of your walk/run but also help your pet enjoy a much more enjoyable experience and have fun!


Material: Nylon, Neoprene, Zinc Alloy Line

Color: Black

Application: for running, tensioning, and hiking


1 x Dog leash

1 x Adjustable waist belt with pocket

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